trend - “pop nostalgia”
concept - emotional comfort from fond memories from the past

millennial consumer generation

Millenials are the largest consumer generation. Their social preassures and own experiences unlike any other genration makes them the most anxious generation ever. As an mechanism to deal with anxiety, millennials seek emotional comfort from purchases.

An apparel collection which brings emotional comfort and sentimental value from past fond experiences suits the target consumer generation.

NOSTALGIA in fashion trends

Nostalgia is a prominent
trend according to
WGSN trend forecasting
for Spring/Summer 20/21.
60’s floral prints and
resortwear reminding silhouettes
are making a comeback
to the fashion runways.

“Pop Nostalgia”

Vintage is constantly reinvented, rediscovered, reconstructed. Past experiences and stories are inspiring the popular culture.

Popular music videos, makeup, consumer items.

Back to the beach

“Back to the sea”trend by Channel and the local pestal trends, specially architecture, travel and food, leads to a conclusion of a product relates with travel and toursim is a need at the moment. Localism is getting popular according to the trend analysis. 

There is a demand for a apparel product which goes along with tropical living, travel and tourism.